Global Luxury Realty Conclave

How to do effective networking at Global Luxury Realty Conclave

Bling / July 9, 2018 / Blog

As they say, “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.” In the real estate industry, if there is one thing that matters a lot, that is networking. Your success as a real estate market will not be defined by what you know, but by who you know. To increase your success, you need to increase your networking in an effective way that will show results.


There are thousands of ways to do effective networking, but you need only one that will help you climb the ladders of success. In real estate market, realty shows are one of the best ways to increase your networking in a very short span of time.


Be a part of Global Realty show in Delhi and Mumbai and see your connections grow beyond your imagination. Following are a few tips that you must follow to get the results you seek:


• Do not go to Global Realty show, unprepared. You are not only going to meet people, you are going to win them. Make yourself presentable in a pleasant way. Carry your business card and don’t forget to take their business cards.


• Networking is all about building trust and relationship. So, your first step should be to be yourself. Be authentic and be who you are. Present yourself and your business with honesty.


• Explain in clear words about your product or service you can offer. About all your clients and how you are different from your competitors.


• Before approaching someone, have a clear understanding of your best-selling points, Prepare and memories a small 10-15 seconds of sales pitch that clearly communicates about you and what you do.


• Keep the conversation interesting and funny without getting too personal. Be interesting, stand out from the pack, give them something different. Leave a positive impression so that you don’t have to introduce yourself again.


• At Global Realty Show, developers from across the globe will be there. Keep your confidence high and thoughts clear. Don’t get intimidated, and you will win more people that you would have imagined.


• While carrying a conversation, ask questions and let them talk. Keep a mental note of their interests so that you can pitch them in the way they would like.


• Your networking doesn’t end at the Global realty show. Drop a message or give a call to everyone you met at the event. If you have promised to do something during the event, try to fulfill that promise. It will build the trust you need. Try to stay in touch with them on the regular basis because these small things really matter.


What is Global Realty Show


Global Realty Show is a global real estate show organized by Bling Events which is Asia’s biggest event management company with expertise in global real estate.


It’s a mega global realty show of 2018 where top developers across the globe will be showcasing their properties to its potential buyers.


Why Global Realty Show is Different?


Global Realty Show is one of the biggest Global Real Estate Events of India. Powered by innovation and the latest modern technology, Global Realty Show is the event where you can get the real picture of overseas properties with the help of augmented reality and virtual reality. All developers are registered, the whole process is transparent and there is a system in which you can trust.


Global Realty Show – When and Where?


The Global Realty Show will be held in Delhi and Mumbai in the month of September 2018

Mumbai – 1st & 2nd September 2018

Venue – Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai

Delhi – 8th & 9th September 2018