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Bling / June 28, 2018 / Blog

What makes for a good real estate investment? Is it the location or the price trend or both? Investing in the right property at the right time for the right price is an unsaid formula one wants to religiously follow. Imagine if this would hold true for overseas investments as well. After all, you would always love to have a destination home, which not only caters to your family holiday getaway but also exhumes status. It’s not just limited to buying. Investing in areas beyond your shores are equally rewarding. Current market trends suggest that there has been a paradigm shift in the buying behavior of resident Indians into offshore residential properties.


The overseas investment by Indians in 2014-15 was approximately USD 45.4 Million while in 2016-17, it increased to USD 111.9 Million. With India becoming one of the major destinations in global fund flow, it’s cheaper now to invest in property overseas such as the UK, UAE, Singapore, Australia etc. This, according to a report by Knight & Frank, has led to the rise in rental yields abroad which are much higher than before. The report suggests that looking at all the aspects, the strengthened Rupee, higher rental yield and the potential for appreciation, it’s a win-win for Indian investors to consider realty assets abroad as a part of their investment portfolio.


But where should you look?


Global Real Estate Events. They are good to start with and provide you with a Global Real Estate Advisory which encapsulates a comprehensive overview of best properties to invest in suited to your taste. One such global property shows have been crafted exclusively for you by Bling Events, Asia’s largest event company with the prime focus on Global Realty Show.


The Global Realty Show 2018 is a unique opportunity for potential buyers and investors to witness property exhibitions from real estate developers and realtors across the world. Look no further as this Mega Global Real Estate Show is a one-stop destination, where everything is available under one roof, from service desk to personal financial consultancies, Income and asset declaration, private banking and tax optimization, home loans, and loan insurance. The Global Realty Show 2018 will be held in Mumbai and New Delhi from 1st-2nd September and 8th-9th September 2018, respectively. The high-tech event is equipped with technology like augmented reality and virtual reality tour to give visitors realistic experience about the projects.


Global Realty Show – When and Where?


The Global Realty Show will be held in Delhi and Mumbai in the month of September 2018

Mumbai – 1st & 2nd September 2018

Venue – Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai

Delhi – 8th & 9th September 2018

Venue – Hotel Ashok Delhi