Global Realty Advisory

A Real Estate Rendezvous with a Global Realty Advisory

Bling / June 13, 2018 / Blog

Real Estate the highest order of asset for investors around the world has seen some of the most strikingly phenomenal trends in the recent years. Considering the fact that real estate is by far the most secure investment options, it has been soaring up the list of preferences for individuals, especially high net-worth individuals. After all, a sewed up capital investment and minimum risk of a lead balloon is any investor’s ideal predilection.


Hence, it is a no-brainer that before investing a prominent amount, investors go through an extensive R&D process, making sure that every single penny put in converts into a fruitful return. To aid this process in the most constructive and rewarding manner, Bling Events, in collaboration with the Times Group, is coming up with the Global Realty Show, 2018. The event will throw in ample opportunities for potential investors and buyers, who aspire to purchase properties overseas and gain substantial returns.


This Global Luxury Realty Conclave will be held in Mumbai and Delhi, across 1st-2nd September and 8th-9th September 2018, respectively. The mega event will bring in multifarious types of properties across different parts of the world, including, Canada, UAE, UK, Singapore, Australia, EU countries and others. The Global Realty Conclave will give an incredible opportunity for the premium most clients to have a taste of luxury villas, commercial properties, and apartments, at a one-stop destination, through the leading global developers themselves.


Potentials buyers will witness eminent developers across the world, holding speaker sessions, enlightening them with insights about their respective properties. To make this experience furthermore effective and dynamic, the Global Realty Conclave will incorporate augmented and virtual reality. The realty advisory for all reasons will be one of its kind Real Estate event that should be marked by the interested investors who wish to enhance their investment portfolio by investing overseas.


So, if you are a promising investor looking for some spectacular projects to come your way, then mark your calendars to experience a phenomenal networking night, meet industry stalwarts from different parts of the world, and learn about remarkable profit yielding projects and the finest of abodes for your family.