Global Realty Show 2018 in Mumbai

Real Estate Show in Mumbai

Bling / June 4, 2018 / Blog

Real estate shows are the perfect way explore endless opportunities for developers, realtors, brokers, counselors and investors. Mumbai witness hundreds of such real estate events every year. Local, national, international, and Global Real Estate events have become an integral part of Mumbai’s real estate circle.


While local realty shows primly benefits national and local investors, developers, realtors and brokers, global realty shows focus on audience who have interest in International Real Estate. Global Realty Show 2018 is one of those events where developers from across the globe meet at one place to showcase their fine properties in the best way possible.


Global Realty Show 2018 in Mumbai is a mega global realty show, an unique opportunity for folks who are interested in making some big investment in international real estate market.


The two-day event is going to be a dazzling hub of renowned real estate developers, realtors and counselors. The extravagant realty show will bring together dynamic developers and interested investors under one roof.


Global Realty Show is a golden opportunity for top national and international developers to generate maximum leads and revenue without moving from place to place.


Why Exhibit at Global Realty Show?


  • Global Realty Show is one of the most effective way to widen your network. As a huge number of big and small players of real estate market is going to be at Global Realty Show, chances of you adding some big shots in your list is very high.


  • Global Realty Show is a cost-effective way to generate leads and sell your properties. At Global Realty Show the visitors are on lookout to invest in national and international real estate. While exhibiting your properties at Global Realty Show, the odds are high that you’ll generate lots of leads on the spot.


  • Global Realty Show has a big number of expert real estate counselors and financial institutions on board to provide unbiased consultant and support. These institutions provide on the spot mortgages too.


  • Everything at Global Realty Show happens on the same day itself. You’ll generate leads on the spot, closure on the spot and feedback on the spot. These honest and unfiltered feedback will motivate you to do your best as developer or realtor.


  • Global Realty Show will give the participating developers huge media coverage and acknowledgment. In association with The Times of India, largest selling English Daily in the world, Global Realty Show will be widely covered by ATL and BTL advertising.


So, what are you waiting for? Register now to be a part of India’s biggest Global Realty Show in Mumbai.


Global Realty Show – Mumbai, When & Where?


The Global Realty Show will be held in Delhi and Mumbai in the month of September 2018


Mumbai – 1st & 2nd September 2018


Venue – Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai


Delhi – 8th & 9th September 2018


Venue – Hotel Ashok Delhi