Why should you exhibit international Real Estate offerings in Delhi?

Bling / May 10, 2018 / Blog

Delhi being the administrative and political center of India has remained among the top choices of homebuyers in Indian as well as Global Real Estate market. Over the years, Delhi has developed and been through various rapid transformations and now it has spread its wings to Noida and Gurugram and has earned a new name for itself as National Capital Territory.

Delhi is witnessing a growth in the number of High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs). Urbanization has led to an upsurge in the demand for luxurious residential and commercial property. The Manufacturing Sector Viz. Gems and Jewelry sector, Electrical and Electronics sector, Service Sector Viz. Banking, Media, Telecommunications industries have grown vastly in the last two decades. The boom in industries has led to flourishing businesses and industrialists always look out for real estate investments. Delhi NCT is home to more than 250 MNC’s from the Fortune 500 companies. This has motivated people to travel more and appreciate diverse cultures and geographies.  The influx of capital and increase in household income has also created demand for varied investment products. Now more than ever, Delhi residents are becoming more open to the idea of investment or housing opportunities outside their own region. Better and advanced communication system has brought a greater sense of comfort. Also, the increased connectivity through air routes has brought the World closer to Delhi and its nearby regions.

Recent reports show an appreciation in the demand for luxury villas, independent houses, and fully furnished luxury apartments outside India especially from Delhi based HNIs.

However, exhibiting in Delhi will also open a market for you from the millions of expats and individuals who are either based or traveling around Delhi and nearby regions. Being both the Capital and economic nerve center of India, Delhi attracts a huge footfall from expats from across the globe who might be temporarily based here and would like the idea of investing in international locations.